2G and 3G rollout and Swap

  • Installation of Siemens Core and Access nodes for T-mobile and Eronet
  • Installation of NSN Core and Access nodes for T-mobile, SI-mobil and Eronet
  • Installation, Commissioning and Integration of NSN Flexi NodeB
  • Installation of 3G core system (SGSN, GGSN) for T-mobile
  • 3G Swap of Siemens NodeB to NSN Flexi NodeB for T-mobile in Croatia
  • 2G Swap of Lucent BTS to Siemens BTS in Slovenia

2G Core Optimization

  • Grade of service for Core network (GOS) for T-mobile and Eronet

Power Supply

  • Installation, Commissioning and Technical Support (SLA) for T-mobile
  • Inspection, analysis and improvement recommendations

Transmission Equipment Deployment and Technical Support

  • Siemens SDH and Adva DWDM deployment and support for T-mobile, T-com, HEP, HŽ and Iskon (Installation, Commissioning, Integration and Support).

Project Management

  • 2G rollout in Slovenia (Lucent), BiH (Ericsson) and Russia (Lucent)
  • 2G Swap in Slovenia (Lucent to Siemens)
  • Adva DWDM Deployment in Croatia (HEP)
  • 3G NodeB Swap (Siemens to NSN) in Croatia, T-mobile

IP Infrastructure Deployment and Support

  • Installation of VOD infrastructure for T-com
  • VoIP GWs (Integration and Technical support)